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Specification & Warranty


Building sizes are approximate, based on external dimensions. Measurements are nominal imperial. As timber is sourced in metric there can be small differences in actual building sizes. If accurate dimensions are of importance please call for clarification. Dimensions do not include Roof overhang.



Timber is a natural product which is subjected to different environmental conditions, i.e. movement, colour variation, shrinkage, expansion, warping and splits. We cannot accept any responsibility for these changes.



Except where stated otherwise, all buildings are supplied with a floor, 3mm thick Horticultural Glass, Trims, Fixings and Standard Mineral Felt. Extra Heavy Duty Workshops and Carlton Summerhouses are supplied with Premium Duty Mineral Felt. Playhouse windows are fitted with Safety Acrylic/Perspex.



Product specifications and prices were correct at time of publication. Do not assume all buildings are produced in the same way as different sizes can affect the manufacture. The position of floor runners can also vary and should not be assumed to be the same as models photographed, displayed or shown on other buildings. If this is important to you then please contact us before the building is ordered/supplied. In line with our programme of continued product development we reserve the right to make minor modifications to the product or specification, without prior notice.



All buildings are supplied un-treated unless otherwise stated. We recommend you treat the building annually with a Solvent based preservative. We offer a range of 8 different colours. The web site and catalogue illustrate our range of colours but these should be used as a rough guide only. We can provide colour swatches for better accuracy colour matching on request. All external walls, both sides of floors and all/any opening components are treated if treatment is requested.



It is the responsibility of the customer to seek any planning consent/permission necessary. Some common problem areas include; if your property is a listed building or in a conservation area, if you plan to erect the building within 5m of your house, the building should not be nearer to the public highway than the house, if the total area of your garden covered by any buildings (excluding house) exceeds 50% of the total garden area.



We guarantee the building for a full 12 months (all 4 seasons), provided it has been correctly erected by the customer.   Please remember the weather conditions affect shrinkage/expansion of the timber and you may find that doors may be tight/stiff to open during particular wet weather. Adverse weather conditions may detach roofing felt which can only be deemed an 'Act of God'.



A large selection of our buildings are available in Loglap Cladding. Loglap is 20mm thick (nominal). Please note Floors, Roofs and Doors can only be made from the standard T & G Shiplap. The cost of a building in Loglap is a percentage more than the normal finish. Please contact us for a price.


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