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Provision of a Base

Buildings should be erected on level prepared sites.   If your building is to be positioned close to a hedge, fence or other building please allow for the roof overhang which is bigger than the footprint size of the building. 

The floor runners do not always run in the same direction on all sheds.   You should ask for a floor plan which will illustrate the position of the floor runners and base frame

We recommend any of the following:-

  • paving slabs
  • concrete slab/pad
  • ringbeam raft
  • framework
  • concrete blocks/bricks

The use of a tanalised (pressure treated) base frame sits underneath the building allows air to circulate under the floor helping to prevent the ingress of moisture.   Base frames are vital to ensure a long-lasting building.

Preparation of a level base is the customers’ responsibility, unless prior arrangement has been made.   Shed Scene can undertake to provide a suitable level base.  Our labour charge is £25.00 per hour, per man, plus the cost of materials used.

We are able to make visits to your property  in order to estimate for the provision of a base.   NOTE - base examples shown are specific to certain sizes of shed.

We can also quote you on the dismantle and removal of an existing building. 

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