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Select Shed Range - Pent Roof
Select Shed Range - Pent Roof
Select Shed Range - Pent Roof
Select Shed Range - Pent Roof
Select Shed Range - Pent Roof
Select Shed Range - Pent Roof
Select Shed Range - Pent Roof
Select Shed Range - Pent Roof
Select Shed Range - Pent Roof

Select Shed Range - Pent Roof

  • From £540.00

  • Cladding type: 12mm thick T&G Shiplap including Floor & Roof 
  • Framing type: 1¾” x 1¼”  
  • Internal Heights:
          For models up to 4ft deep: 6ft 6” on high side, sloping down to 6ft on low side
    For models over 4ft deep: 6ft 10" on high side, sloping down to 6ft on low side
  • Felt: Standard Mineral Felt 
  • Door: Single 2ft 6” wide with Padbolt closing
  • Window Style: Glass, fixed.  Smaller models 24” x 18”. Larger models 24” x 24” 

Please read the instructions completely before attempting to assemble the building.   The instructions are intended as a rough guide only and details may vary due to the large variety of sizes and models available.

Tools required: Drill, 6mm wood drill bit, 8mm wood drill bit, hammer, sharp knife, 10mm spanner/wrench/ socket.

1. The Floor should be laid on Bearers, on firm, level ground.   (Bearers are an optional extra).  If floor is in two or more parts, interlock them where short mid-position floor runners are extended beyond floor boards.

2. Position one sloping end section and back section onto the floor, ensuring cladding on the lower part of each section rests against the outside edges of the floor.   The boards of the side section overlap the edge of the framing.   

3. Using a drill and 6mm bit, drill pilot holes in top, middle and bottom locations, through the framing of the side section.    Hold both the back and side sections in place and insert a coach screw into pilot holes.   Strike screw head with hammer to help thread to bite.   Tighten all 3 coach screws whilst holding side and back sections together.

4. Having fixed one back section to one sloping side section, butt-up second back section to first back section end to end.   Ensure top edges of both back panels are level   Drill a 8mm pilot hole through both butted-up vertical frames.   Insert and tighten an M8 Nut, Bolt & Washer.   Pilot holes approx. 6” from top and 6” from bottom.

5. Repeat point 3. with second sloping side section.

6. Position and fix front section(s) (with doors) in same way as points 3, 4 and 5.

7. All four sides are now fixed and assembled.   Next, select roof section and place on top of walls.   (If the roof is in 2 or more sections, each section will be clearly marked which end of each section needs to be butted-up to another section).   Place roof rails into slots in top part of both front and back sections.

8. Square up roof, adjust to required front to back overhang.   Once all roof sections are in place, push roof sections upwards from the inside where butted-up to take-up sagging.   Nail/Bolt/Screw frames together.

9. Attach roof by nailing roof boards into uppermost framing of all four walls using short galvanised wire nails.

10. Nail corner fillets into each outside corner.   Tall fillets for high corners and short fillets for short corners using 2” galvanised nails.

11. Nail joining/cover strips on front and back where panels meet using 2” galvanised nails.

12. ALWAYS START LAYING FELT ON LOWER PART OF ROOF.   Stretch first piece of felt along lower part of roof, allowing enough felt overhanging roof on each end and long edge so that it will cover roof edges when folded over.   Lay another strip of felt onto roof allowing felt to overhand each end but also to partially overlap 1st piece of felt on long edge.  

13. Nail in felt nails approximately 3” apart along seam/overlap of felt and on low edge.

14. Fold felt on each corner.   Offer up long fascia/barge board to high side and nail to edge of roof framing using 2” galvanised nails.   Fascia/barge board should be approximately 5mm higher than level of felt.

15. Attach both short fascias/barge boards to each end of roof in the same way as Point 11.  (Low long edge does not have a facia/barge board as water needs to clear roof un-inhibited). 

16. Fold felt over long, low edge of roof, using clout/felt nails, nail felt to roof edge approximately 3” apart.

17. From the inside of your building nail every 6 – 8” through the framing of the side sections into the runners of the floor using 3” nails.

18. To Glaze Building.   From inside, place glass into window aperture.   Using panel pins, hold glass and nail into framing, 2 – 3 inches from each corner, on bottom and both vertical sides.

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