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Wheelie Bin & Recycling Covers
Wheelie Bin & Recycling Covers
Wheelie Bin & Recycling Covers
Wheelie Bin & Recycling Covers
Wheelie Bin & Recycling Covers
Wheelie Bin & Recycling Covers

Wheelie Bin & Recycling Covers

  • From £390.00

  • Cladding type: 12mm thick T&G Shiplap including Lid. No Floor
  • Framing type: 1¾” x 1¼”  
  • Internal Heights: 4ft 2” at front, sloping down to 4ft at rear
  • Depth: 32"
  • Width:
Single Combination: 2ft 6" wide
Double Combination: 5ft 2" wide
Triple Combination: 7ft 8" wide

  • Door: Single Door with Turn Button closing. Please specify if you would like the door(s) left or right hand hung
  • Features: Single, Double or Triple Combinations.  Available treated both sides. Lift-up Lid with Handle and Chain allows opening with one hand.

Please check prior to ordering that your Wheelie Bin has a handle to accept a chain.

Please note are supplied with no floor & no felt on lids.

The colour samples shown should be used as a rough guide only.

If you require a more accurate match, please contact us for a colour swatch.

Autumn Gold Autumn Gold
Rich Green Rich Green
Red Cedar Red Cedar
Light Brown Light Brown
Golden Brown Golden Brown
Rustic Brown Rustic Brown
Rich Brown Rich Brown

Please read the instructions completely before attempting to assemble the building.   The instructions are intended as a rough guide only and details may vary due to the large variety of sizes and models available.

Tools Required: Hammer, Drill and 6mm drill/pilot bit, 10mm Spanner/socket, Cross head screw driver.

UNIT COMPONENTS: (single Bin unit).

1x Rear Section.

2x Side Sections.

1x Front Door section.

1x Lift up Lid.

1x Fixing pack.

1. The unit should be assembled, on firm, level ground. 

2. Position one sloping end section and back section onto a flat level surface.   The boards on the side section overlap the edge of the framing.   

3. Using a drill and bit, drill pilot holes in top and bottom locations, through the framing of the side section.    Hold both the back and side sections in place and insert a coach screw into pilot holes.   Strike screw head with hammer to help thread to bite.   Tighten all coach screws whilst holding side and back sections together.

4. Repeat point 3. with second side section.

5. Position and fix door section in same way as points 3. & 4., but with 2 coach screws in both top and bottom of each corner.

6. All four sides are now fixed and assembled. Ensure the unit is square.   Next, select lid section and place on top of four walls.   Framing of roof section will sit on of the 4 walls.

7. Square lid up. Fix hinges to the rear section and to the lid. Fit minimum screws to check opening clearance and flush fit all round. Fit remaining hinge screws.

8. For wheelie bin storage, attach threaded eyes to the inside edge of the front to back lid framing. To do this lift and prop lid. Work out position of threaded eyes so that the line up with the handles of the wheelie bin lid.

9. Thread chain through wheelie bin lid handles and attach each end of the chain to the  threaded eyes as fitted in point 8. Use clips to attach. Test when fitted wheelie bin lid lifts when unit lid is lifted. Adjust chain as required.

10.      Fit the lift handle to the front face of the unit lid.

11. Fit door bolt where door framing dictates, approx half way down from top.

12. Fit turn buttons near to the top and bottom. (Turn buttons help prevent the door bowing through seasonal weather changes).

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