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Acorn Octagonal Summerhouse
Acorn Octagonal Summerhouse
Acorn Octagonal Summerhouse
Acorn Octagonal Summerhouse
Acorn Octagonal Summerhouse
Acorn Octagonal Summerhouse
Acorn Octagonal Summerhouse

Acorn Octagonal Summerhouse

  • From £2,265.00

  • Cladding type: 15mm thick T&G shiplap including Floor
  • Framing type: 1¼” x 1¼”  
  • Internal Heights: 6ft 6" to Eaves, 9ft at Apex
  • Doors: Hardwood with Mortise Lock & Key. Ornamental Hinges & Handles

6ft wide model has a single 2ft wide door
8ft wide model has a 4ft wide double door

  • Windows: 2 x 6-paned Opening Georgian style

  • Fibreglass tile effect roof
  • Safety Glass


The colour samples shown should be used as a rough guide only.

If you require a more accurate match, please contact us for a colour swatch.

Autumn Gold Autumn Gold
Rich Green Rich Green
Red Cedar Red Cedar
Light Brown Light Brown
Golden Brown Golden Brown
Rustic Brown Rustic Brown
Rich Brown Rich Brown

Please read the instructions completely before attempting to assemble the building.   The instructions are intended as a rough guide only and details may vary due to the variety of sizes available.

Tools required: Hammer, Posidrive Screwdriver (Battery operated is useful), Stanley Knife, Saw, Socket Set and Step Ladder to felt roof.

Estimated Assembly time: Two people, four hours. We recommend pilot drilling screw holes first.   

Parts List

A 1 x Floor Section

B 4 x Plain Sides - Small

C 1 x Plain Side - Large

D 2 x Window Panels

E 1 x Door Panel

F 1 x Fibreglass Roof

G 1 x Handle Set

H 1 x Fixings Pack 

I 8 x Angled Cover Trims

J 2 x Finial

K 16 x Door Glass (390mm x 200mm)

L 12 x Window Glass (305mm x 203mm)

1. Treat underside of floor – if not already treated.   Lay the floor panel (A) in its desired position (remember to leave enough space at the back of the building for roof overhang and maintenance).   It is essential that the floor is on a solid and level base, otherwise the building will not fit together properly and the doors may not fit flush.   Place the panels around the floor – it will help you to understand how they fit together.

2. Position the large plain side (C) on the back edge of the floor (the lip on the bottom of the side overhangs the floor).  While your assistant holds the gable place a small plain panel (B) on the floor to form a corner. Check that the sides are sitting flat on the floor and the panels are butted together and level at the top, screw them together from the inside using two of the screws provided.

3. Fix the other small plain side panels (B) as before with two screws, again making sure the sections are flat on the floor.

4. Repeat with the window panels (D) one on either side.

5. Before fitting the door section (E) remove the key from the door. Unlock the door and attach the handles. Screw the door panel to the window sides from the inside as before.

6. Before fitting the roof drill two holes for the finials (J). Screw the finials to the roof from underneath (you may want to use silicon to seal between the finial and the roof).

7. Carefully place the fibre glass roof (F) on the building so that the overhang is equal all the way round. Before fixing check that the roof is sitting flat with the sides, if not it is possible the floor is not level and will need packing in one corner.

8. With the roof square check that the sides and gables are sitting flat on the floor. Screw the panels to the floor using one screw on the small panels and two on the large panels.

9. To secure the roof pre drill 8 holes from the inside of the roof (one in the middle of each side of roof). Then fix through the top of the roof into the framing on the top of the sides with the hexagon head screws provided. Place caps on top of the screws.

10. Nail the angled cover strips (I) to the outside of the building to cover the joins between the panels using the 40mm nails provided.

11. Glaze the building from the outside using the beading and pins provided. You will need to remove the holding pins from the beading and discard, place in the glass and then nail the beading into place using panel pins.  DO NOT push the beading too tight against the glass as this will cause it to crack. We advise you wear gloves when handling glass. You may wish to seal the windows with silicone.

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TOTAL PRICE: £2,265.00

Price Includes VAT

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